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Islam : A Universal Relegion

The Christianity of Jesus Christ was not meant to be a universal religion. though as far as its fundamental message and teaching were concerned, the religion of Jesus was not different from Islam, yet it did not contain complete guidance for a aspects of human life and for all nations and ages. During the countless centuries of human history, when the different races of mankind were living in more or less complete isolation and ther was no quick means of communication between one nation and another, God was sending different prophets to different peoples. Muhammad s.a.w. was one of these national prophets.

Each nation having been separately guided to the truth by the national prophets, the time was ultimately ripe in the plan of God raise the Wold-Prophet and reveal the Universal Religion. And so, when the world was on the eve of becoming one, God raised the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. to represent the essential message of all the prophets, shorn of all that was of temporary and limited nature and purged of all later adulterations and misinterpretations. He amalgamated the religious traditions of the different nations into a single universal faith and culture and united the peoples of all nations and lands into single wold-wide brotherhood. He gave the wold a complete code of life for the entire humanity.

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